Sunday, October 12, 2008

Working day part 2...


First of all, I'd like to thank YOU for the nice comments and for the interest in my blog!!

I appreciate it SOOO MUCH !! Hope you'll enjoy reading my blog !! =)) onto the day and the food thing and everything else...=)

My day started PRETTY early...I woke up before 6 am...couldn't sleep any minute more so I just got up. I practised a bit morning Yoga (30min) and then....headed to took my breakfast of course!!

Today I had some Raw CEREAL =)) It consisted of :

- Quinoa flakes (sprouted & dehydrated)

- Buckwheat groats (--)

- Sunflower seeds (sprouted)

There were also:

- Bananas (2x)

- Kiwi (3x)

In that BIG cup :) there's homemade ALMOND MILK (mmmmmm so good) (about 24 oz.)

Here's the cereal on itself...'s the "milk"..

And here's the "milk" being poured over the cereal.... :-PP

...and finally a close-up from the both together..... :-D (sorry for that food porn,hope you're not
angry :P)

So, was VERY YUMMY. Really if you'd ever have a chance to try eating cereal this way, just give it a go!! You'll like it!!

I ate my breakfast while studing some History stuff.... :/ maybe not that great for digestion heh but well... actually after about a couple of hours I was hungry again !!!! (CHICKPEA YEAH THAT'S REALLY PURE TRUE WITH THAT STUDY THING AHH!!)

What could I do if not take some fuel for the brain...???!

I took a break on my fancy-shmancy table...=) Aren't those little CHICKIES cuuuute...?? =D

I had some...:

- Essene Bread (7 slices I guess..)

-Avocado (1/2)

-Beet-Horseradish Wasabi Salad <- my NEW creation on a Polish favourite!!It's a salad you
make with beets and fresh horseradish plus lots of lemon
juice and pepper plus onion..I added a 1/2 tsp WASABI to it

Really autumn-y and warming...!! :-)

Here a little close-up of the trio ....:)) I REALLY enjoy the color of that HAPPY!! :=)

This LITTLE CUTE CHICKIE is DEFINITELY going to steel a bite from my meal,don't you think?? =)

It fueled me properly for quite an acceptable time :)) I made some hard Polish work and some other but hard as well History... :/ I really LOVE writing but that school stuff can make every topic SOOO boooring!! :<>

Until I had my main dinner entree heh I snacked on some (unpictured..) CARROTS and 2x Chocolate Pralines (RAW CHOCOLATE ROCKS!! :DD)

And then...a moment of relaxation.....a BIG SUNDAY SALAD-ish :-DD

So what have we got there...??!

-raddichio (it's underneath,belive me...:))
-tomatoes (5x-LOVE them:))

-Beet/Horseradish Salad (leftover:))

-red onion and basil

-HONEYDEW (mmmm it was perfectly SWEET !! Do you like melones??!)

I also had 3 slices of the RYE ESSENE BREAD with a sliced up BANANA =))

It...satisfied me !! It was so fresh,so filling and so...delicious :D

Close up-s...

More..... :-PPP

And even more.......... !! :-DD ( Ohh really don't be angry at me... but I LOVE to take photos !! :)

Those are not that great so far because of the camera...:> But

I'm going to get a NEW one in the near future so stay tuned for

some better photos soon ...!! :-)))

And now....................oh ...I'm really tired..... :( And tommorrow's gonna be a CRAZZY day... :/

Is that the school life, I guess........ !!??!! :<

At the end of this post I have some questions to YOU people:


I've just started to practise Yoga a bit...and found myself MORE relaxed !! =))

OHH, and ChocolateCoveredVegan to YOU :

-You wrote you're 1/4 Polish !! Yaaaay!! Exciting!! How's it with the family ??? Have you been in Poland..??! :)))

OKAY!! I think I'll leave you at this exact moment... I have to make some preparations for tommorow and head to bed at a decen hour ..:)

We'll "SEE" us tommorow!! Have a SUCCESSFUL start of the week !!!! =)


ModelBehavior said...

Hey there, blog looks great, you said you had ties to the modeling world? Are you a model as well? Looking forward to seeing where you take your blog :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Agnes, thank you for your nice comment on my blog. That raw breakfast looks really delicious!

To answer your question: yes, I am German and if you want to practice yours, most of my blog entries are in English and German.

lexi said...

hi agnes!
thanks for the comment on my blog! i appreciate it, i have like NO readers. your blog looks really great! keep up the good work!

P.S thats so cool that your vegan! im vegetarian also :o)

Anonymous said...

Hello Agnes!

It sounds and looks like you get to eat a lot of delicious food! It's nice to see daily meal posts as inspiration (I've gotten too busy for that these days).

I look forward to reading more! And thanks for commenting at my blog...

Agnesss =) said...

Thanks for all comments!! :) You're so nice =))

modbehav- I have the opportunity to be a model...and don't know if I should take the job..?? Tell me,how it looks in the REALITY there..?? How is it...???

lexi- I'll read your blog!! :)) well,do you consider going vegan some day..?? :))

swellvegan- Thank you SO much !! :)
I hope you'll come to visit me in my next post!! :))