Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rainy day!!


Back again =))

But actually just "for a while" =(( I promise I'll be more relaxed tomorrow since it's already FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! haha so GREAT!!!!! =DD

As for was a rather unpleasant day =( Yeah,I the other before...but it's just such a difficult time for me now...!! Hope it'll change soon.....

AND YOU ARE MY THERAPHY!!!!! =D I LOVE ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS!! I know I've already told you this but...just IT'S SOOOOOO TRUE!!!!! =D Thank you!! quickly onto the FooD thing =))

The day began rush-y...but of course with a bit of gym (mind and body hah :)) !! And then.....


"CARROT CAKE" Creamy Sensation !!

What's all in it,you may ask...??! Here you are..

-"CARROT CAKE" LAYER --> carrots+apples+COCONUT POWDER+cinnamon+carob+agave

-BANANA CREAM --> bananas+brazil nut butter+carob powder




+ a BIG sprinkle of the COCONUT POWDER(powdered coconut =))

OH MY GOD!!!! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!! =D Just like a ...peace of CAKE haha =P
It was so sweet and flavorful...with all the different textures...mmmm!! GReat!!


TOP...!! =P

Then I had the MOOOOOOOOST BORING lesson ever...PHYSICS....... oh man,it's like sleeping there for me.....haha...I CAN'T STAND IT!!! I wonder if someone LIKES it..??!! hah..LET ME KNOW!! =DD

My LUNCH...........yeahhh!! It was such a pleasure to dig into sth yummy after all those stressing things hah....Here what I decided to eat...

I finally managed to GET FRESH SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS yay!!!!!!! =D That's So cool!! I've eaten shiitake-s a few times in the past but they were cooked or sauteed etc.
And you know what!!???

THE RAW SHIIITAKE MUSHROOMS are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! =D I LOVED the flavor and the TEXTURE!! Mmmm...pure goodness =)) Totally satisfied my MUSHROOM-CRAVINGS...=D !!

Try the Shiitake-s in THE RAW,really =DD

I created some SANDWICHES out of this mixed things =)) :



-AVOCADO (creamy...)


One of those sandwiches......=))

And SHIITAKE-s...........=Dmm!!

It was such a delightful lunch !!=))

After that I had some English classes which were nice =))

My DINNER meal....well, you can see it!!

It was a HUUUGE mix of things =D

-greens (ENDIVIE =))


-SWEET'n'SPICY KOHLRABI "Cream" --> kohlrabi+carrots+pears+red onion+chilli powder


-tomatoes (LOADS of =P)

-more kohlrabi sticks =))

REFRESHING and SO TASTY!! =) Just like I like it!!! I enjoyed it with the rain pouring beyond the's AUTUMN,I guess...=)))

But that's not all I had for my dinner!! =))) THERE WAS STH ELSE!!!!!! Actually a BIG SURPRISE!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! =DDD


YES YES YES!!! A LARABAR!!!!! The CHERRY PIE VARIETY by the way =)) and IT WAS DIVINE!!! It tasted just like a COOKIE TO ME!! Mmmmmm!!!

But...where it comes from,you ask....=))!?

I got a PACKAGE from the U.S. today!!!!!!!!! This package came from my FRIEND JOANNA (from A CUP OF JO! blog =)) JOANNA!!!!!!!!!!! YOU're SOO SWEET...!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! =D

More on that TOMORROW!!!

So please stay tuned !!!


I hope you're not bored by'll be a catastrophe for me...:<>

Ok....I promise I'll be here right back tomorrow HOPEFULLY MORE RELAXED and in a WEEKEND-y FEELING haha =DD!!

Wish you all a great LAST DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!!!! ENJOY IT!!!!!! =DDD

Hope to "see" you tomorrow,my Friends!!!!!!!!! =)))



Sammy said...

Your carrot cake creation sounds/looks so good!

Joanna said...

i love your cool pudding like mixtures. the carrot cake one sounds amazing (carrot cake is one of my fav. cakes). i hope your friday is the best day of your week!! and at least you have Larabars now haha


Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE how good that "carrot cake" sounds. Wow. You are seriously the most creative foodie ever. You come up with the craziest concoctions!

River said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time. All that delicious food would cheer anyone up though! :)

Emma said...

I bought a cherry pie larabar yesterday and I am so excited to try it now that you have said it is tasty!

I love the look of that carrot cake mixture-- it looks scrummy!