Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunny "little" run & rush ...!!

Hi everyone !!

Finally I found the right moment to write my post...but well...WILL SOMEONE READ IT..?? Mmm...that's the question!! Hah.,like I mentioned yesterday was CRAZZZY. In every single meaning of this word... maybe I'll spare the details...first I had a 'nice' test in Maths...then another in History.. and another 'tiny' one in English...:] ohh ..well..that's it I think!! ;P

Ok,but maybe let us move to the ..ekhemm ..PLEASURES of this day....:)) Even though it was RUSH in every single thing I was doing today, I managed to have some pretty good eats...;) Forgive me some of the photos...First , I was in a hurry and second the camera... :<>

Keep on reading...I've got a tiny surprise at the end.. ;)))


I woke up usual.... before 6 am... I did a bit of stretching(35min) and had THIS....

YES,YES,YES... Raw Cereal again!! But todays consisted of a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT mix of goodies....:

-Buckwheat groats
-Quinoa flakes
-Hemp seeds (yum)
-Bananas (2x)
-Honeydew (1/2)

And there was also my FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK !!!!!!!!! (24oz) :-))

It was made fresh the night before with ALMOND BUTTER ,RAW COCOA BEANS,VANILLA and DATES.. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......LOVE it !!!!!!!!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but....RAW CHOCO really ROCKS..!! Or should I better say "RAWKS" ....!!!???? :-P

The cereal alone......

Pouring process.....;)

Together...!! (oh...with a book underneath by the way...:<)

After that I had my Maths test !!!!!!!! I've done my best and took it easy :P I got A !!!!! :-D But it DOES NOT mean I like Maths....(yikes..)

Lunch/snack was just a bunch of favourites and leftovers....but YUMMY !! :-)

Simple really CAN be yummy as well!!

-Essene Bread Rye (veeery MOIST and yum!! - 4 slices)

-Beet/Horseradish Salad (from yesterday)


-Almond Butter (biig spoonful)

That kept me's filling...especially that "living bread" :D

Then the other test followed...but I was properly prepared hah...:] Just a bit stress over there... don't like it...can't still deal with it that well....://

During the tests I snacked on some Spirulina Balls (sweet stuff !!)

My dinner meal was AS USUAL ....HUUUUUUGE .....

It was a rather quick-kie one...but even though pretty good :))
-raddichio salad ( AS USUAL underneath)

-tomatoes (3 REALLY BIG local ones!! )

-honeydew (mm can't go wrong)

-"Mashed Carrots in the Raw" <-- a winner and highlight of this meal!! Notice this simple idea and give it a try nex time !! You just need to throw the

ingredients into a food processor and let it do the work!!

You need:

-apple (approx. 2x)
-macadamia nuts (1/2 cup)
-onion +dill+lemon juice
-pepper to taste

Belive me , a QUICK-KIE but a winner !! Delicious-ness =))

I also had some staples of the last few days:

-Essene Bread SPELT (7 slices-mmm!!)

-Banana (1x) (on the photo it is placed next to the tomato and you know what??!! It tastes
GOOD together !!!!!!!!!! :P Sounds weird but when I was in Greece I drank
a delicious smoothie/coctail was made from a BANANA plus TOMATO
with pepper and curry !!!!! Although it MAY sound a bit disguisting it's NOT!!!!

Some close-up-s...

Well....that's all from the FOOD topic today...!!! Hope you enjoyed it...:-P And now the tiny promised surprise...... shots from todays morning here in my neiberhood and in my house......:))

Hope you'll enjoy it all!!!!

Amazing spider webs.....................(how genious are those little animals to make SUCH intelligent beauty....?!!)


And closer......

Autumn-y garden shot......

Lavender in the fall season.....

Autumn on the terrace....

Sunshine inside.....


Curiousity..... (love that plant-echeveria...)

And fun.....(curious bird!! :-P)

Well...that was a (HOPE SO!!) pleasure for the eyes...:))

Now....what can I say ....I'm pretty exhausted :(( and I HAVE TO write my essay in Polish and History....:(((( WISH ME LUCK!!!! :((

I just want to tell you : From day to day, post to post I enjoy BLOGGING MORE and MORE !!!! :-DDD

I'd be SOOOOOOO HAPPY to see you reading my posts and I will DO MY BEST I promise !! :-D Stay tuuuuned !!

Wish you a great SECOND day of the week =))

See you tomorrow!!


Sammy said...

Your dinner looks so pretty! Have you lived in Poland all your life?

Kristen's Raw said...

Great blog... You rock :) Have a super day!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your essay! I love the picture inside with all of the purple! It's so pretty! Your breakfast sounds yummy! Keep up the good work on the blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind! :D I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! You seem like such a nice person.

VeggieGirl said...

Very pretty photographs of the garden and home.

lexi said...

thanks again for the nice comment! i have a coolpiz nikon

Sam said...

Great post Agnes! I love the chocolate almond milk! Those spiderwebs are really something!

Virginia said...

what awesome looking food!

Jackie said...

Great pictures of spider webs :)

Your food looks great.

Will add you to my blogroll on my Vegan blog.

AGNESSS =))) said...


Vegalicious, THANK YOU for adding me to your blogroll!!! SO SO MUCH !! :-DDD Come to visit again I'm waiting :DD

VeggieGirl- glad you enjoyed :D

Trustmyintiution- THANX!!The essay went well!! :)) But I've got another one to write!!yikes

Lexi-is it a good one?? Do you like it??

Sam-BIG THANX and HUGS!!!!!

Agnesss =)) said...

Jackie , I'm so happy you like it !! :)) Great to hear it REALLY!! Hope you'll visit me again!! :D Can't wait! Hugs!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Love the pretty pics!

I've never been to Poland :o(
I really would LOVE to go, and I'm sure I'll get there someday. My grandma is Polish, and she is always teaching us Polish sayings and cooking Polish food-- yum yum.

Vegyogini said...

Welcome to the vegan blog world, Agnes! So glad to hear that your tests went well. Thank you for giving me my first view of Poland through your photos; they're lovely! It seems like you're following a very healthy and varied eating pattern and that's a huge accomplishment for anyone at any age. It's even better that you've learned to take care of yourself through food and yoga while you're so young. You've asked a few questions throughout your posts and I'll try to answer a few of them here. For help with concentration, I either walk away from what I'm doing and come back after I've taken a short break or just take a moment to work on yoga breathing. That usually works. I practice Vinyasa yoga in a class setting and rarely at home because it's nice to feel that sense of community. Every once in a while, I practice at home, though, and it's great! It's so nice to work on your own practice and what your body needs at that moment. Good luck on the rest of your school work this week and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Keep up the good work!

Heikki said...

What an excellent dinner you had! Welcome to vegan blogging, it's great fun!

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Hi Agnes! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your food and photos are lovely! Congratulations on your A's and good luck with your schooling.

AGNESSS =)) said...

Thanks Lisa !!!! Your so kind =)) Hope to see you here again!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

hi there! you're a breath of fresh air, so enthusiastic and fun to read. keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

You've got so much enthusiasm! I love it! All that food looks so good, but I especially love those spider web pictures - they are beautiful!