Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Round the clock...


I'm so glad I can already write a post AGAIN =)) As I mentioned before I'm really looking forward to this moment every day since I REALLY LOVE to see your comments and all those nice things..!! Hope you'll stay with me !! =))

Well,well....actually you probably know what I'm gonna say now... yeah,today was ANOTHER "running round the clock day" :/ UNFORTUNATELY!! Must it be SO craZZZy in the last year of high school...???! It's insane heh :P

Ok,ok,maybe I will not bore you more with the topic: SCHOOL :P I'll move to the... Life Simplest Pleasures...-FOOD ;-))

Before I refer to you bout my todays eats & treats I want to ask you a question!!!

In your comments for my last post you were all SO FOR the grocery exchange and you seem to like the idea !! =)) SO...WHAT WOULD YOU SAY , IF WE'LL DO A BIIIG grocery exchange INTERNATIONALLY just to try LOTS OF DIFFERENT FOODS !!???
We could do this with those of you who want to explore some new products etc. :D
It's just a smalll tiny idea :) Tell me what you think!! =)

How was it today...with my eats ...!?

I managed to sleep a BIT longer (woke up at 6.15 am though ;)) and after Yoga ritual I munched down my breakfast!!

Yesterday my dad came from a business trip to Germany and brought me lots of produce and foods!! YAY !! :) Here you can see:

-Red Delicious Apples (3x) mmm SO good??what kind of apple do you like the most??

-Spicy Almond Milk (regular homemade almond milk with ginger,nutmeg,cinnamon
& cloves-great for autumn or winter!!)

- Raw "Porridge"(quinoa flakes+buckwheat<- mixed with the milk and left for about 15 min to soak :) such a great texture!!) - Cashews - Kiwis (2x) Here's the "porridge" closer...

After enjoying this meal I had the KILLER of the whole school week :O THREE POLISH LESSONS IN A ROW !!!!!!!!! That's really INSANE how it could happen !! But the headmaster organised it like that !!KILLING STUFF !! ://


SURPRISINGLY I managed to SURVIVE this HORROR ...!! I came out ALIVE but......

..........STARVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing I wanted to do was...a decent LUNCH ....:D
So here it goes... (IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!mmmm MMM)

Fresh WHITE BUTTON MUSHROOMS !!!! My Dad brought them for me !! :-D

I was CRAVING them SO badly :D I'm in LOVE with them!! I love the aroma and the taste... do you like MUSHROOMS????
What I ate was:

- Essene Bread Spelt(LOADS of it :P)
- Almond Butter (1 TBS)
- Tomato (juicy and mmm :))

Some mmm close ups....

The already assembled SANDWICH..(MINUS a bite...:P)

After that some more lessons followed...:/ I could not really concentrate...!!

..maybe I was just......HUNGRRRY....????!! :p

That's my DINNER creation !!


-mixed greens (fresh!!)
-tomatoes (3x BIG ones)
-Sweet CARROT MASH ( simply CARROTS + APPLES + CASHEWS :) delicioso)

....and of course my beloved Essene Bread (in the Spelt variety :D)

Here are some close ups...
(hope it's not too boring for you..but it was such a georgous sunshine here today !! :DD loved it !! I just could NOT stand taking photos...!! All the colors here nature's beautiful..)

Pure nature...

...and more...

Don't you think everything looks so great when...DiPPED in the sun...hah ??? :)
Precious nature...

Well...Now I'm sitting with some English exercises and preparing them for tomorrow.. I guess...writing here with you and on my blog is SO MUCH better to prove and IMPROVE my language skills ....:D It's so creative !!

PLEASE TELL ME IF I MAKE SOME MISTAKES IN MY ENGLISH!!!!!!! :-DD You can teach me a lot, I know it!! :D

Unfortunately I still have to finish an assay for my Social sciences..:( Soo... I HAVE TO finisih my post here...

HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY READING and tomorrow I'll appear back with NEW creations of my eats...........:D

Stay tuuuned my Friends :)

Have a great time all there in the BiG but So Small World !!!!!!!! :-DD

Agnesss =)

If there's the woman whose Mum is from Jelenia Gora,could you please let me know !!? :) I'm waiting !! Such a coincidence WOOW!!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for a new post!
Yes I'd love to take part in a grocery exchange! I already have some great ideas for what I'd send!
Shoot me an e-mail!

miss v said...

wow! i love how every meal is just a bunch of different veggies and fruits... but all combined on a plate - it looks so filling!

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to mushrooms. I eat them everyday and have slight panic attacks when we run out of them :P

I also LOVE pictures of food in sun beams. They always look completely gooorgeous.

Good luck with the schooling stuff!

tofufreak said...

nice combo of fresh veggies! looks great in the sun :D

good luck with school stuff!

Anonymous said...

You eat such healthy meals! Good for you! I wish I could always eat such high-raw foods.

Joanna said...

hey agnes!! i would love to do a grocery exchange!

tell me about the kind of food you would like to get. i'm really getting into the RAW craze and can't find a lot of the weird stuff they eat. I also love baking so any cool chocolates or flours or extracts would be great, too.

i could send you a flat rate box of some food and other American things I like.

Let me know what you think and we can exchange addresses.


: )

DJ said...

Hey Agnes, as I said, I'm down with this idea of a grocery exchange, so count me in from over here in Scotland. And yes, my mama is from Jelenia Gora originally, she moved to Manchester 36? years ago so she's been over here longer than she lived in Poland now! I've been to Poland once when I was 12 so I'm sure it was very different to how it is now. I remember buying English candy in Pewex shops with dollars? weird! Speak to you soon :))

Sammy said...

Your food is so pretty! What part of Poland are you from? Have fun at your English class!

Rural Vegan said...

Kudos to you for eating so healthy! I am not a mushroom fan (at all) but I appreciate how lovely they look next to all those other garden veggies! Good luck with school!

allularpunk said...

hey! thought i'd stop on over and see what you were up to over here on your blog. it looks great! your meals look so healthy and fresh. my favorite apples are gala. they are the besssst. unfortunately i am freak and do not like many mushrooms, but i'm working on, slowly but surely. and what is this i hear about a grocery exchange? yes, please!

Janet said...

I love the way you slice your mushrooms into little round coins, they look so cute like that! I have always sliced them the other way, or just into quarters.

I would like to do the grocery exchange to please :)