Saturday, May 9, 2009

WEEKend posting..=)

Hi dear Reader-Friends...!!

Ohhh how I missed you,Guys!!!!!!!!!!! This week was soooooooo draining and stressful for me..!! Like I've told you last time...I HAD MY EXAMS on MONDAY,TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY..!!!! You cannot imagine HOW RELIEVED I am now to have them done...don't know how I've made on them but ...oh well,at least they are OVER....!!!!!! YAY =DD !!

Well,I still have TWO more exams,the oral ones in Polish and English...=// The first is on Monday...=/// I feel quite scared again ehh...=/

I have sooooooooo many pictures to post for you ...!! I really want to show you all of them hah!! =DD I'll try to divide it and make it in parts ...=) Hope it's okl like this..=D

Well,well....sooooo here we go with the picture mix for today...=DDD

DINNER MEAL.............. =D
Such a scrummy concocton...=)) With a LOVELY DESSERT= EXOTiC ICE-CREAM!!!!!! =DD

The SALAD-y was made of:

-fresh batavia lettuce
-2x kiwis
-green raisins

+ACV (apple cider vinegar= MY NEW OBSESSiON !!)

-SWEET CARROTie = carrots+apples SiMPLY YUM!!

-AVOCADO chopped


+ a few BLACK BOOTJA PERUVIAN OLIVES.... =)) (a nice addition!!)


-mango,papaya,pineapple FROZEN


Satisfied me WONDEFUL-ly haha =D

Another DiN-DiN BOX.......=D

Taco style..=)


-fresh batavia lettuce
-yellow bell pepper
+a few sproued pumpkin seeds
+ ACV =P

-SWEET POTATO SALADy = sweet potato+apples OH SO YUMMooO!!

-AVOCADO +chopped chives (LOVE this HERB SOOOO MUCH!!)


-BEET TACOs =) => BEET slices slathered with ONiON "BUTTER" (red palm oil with veggies and herbs) and AVO =D

Great and colorful DiNNER meal =D

You've probably noticed HOW I LOOOVE BiG DiNDin BOXES....=P soo here's one again..!!

With such a SCRUMPTIOUS ADDITION= one sliced PERFECTLY RiPE MANGO !!!!!!!!!
I'm now enjoying MANGOs...I haven't eaten them in ages...!!!!!
The ripe ones really do taste like FOOD of the Gods...=D!!

Beloved BoX:

-fresh dark batavia lettuce

+BEAR ONiON !!!!!! (ANOTHER OBSESSiON of myself....!!!!! HAH it's such a lovely HERB!! But the season is soooooooooo short!! Just from March till May..=_( *tear

-RADISH DiSH =P => black radishes+apples shredded together + carrot coins+parsley+ ACV+ chopped BROWN BUTTON MUSHRooMS ....
....OBSESSIoN ALLERT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I'm SUCH A MUSHROOM LOVER and I've just found my NEW FAVOURITE...the BROWN BUTTON KiND..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the most delcious one.. tastes soooo much more flavorful than the white type...!!!!!!!!!!! =DD YUMMMMMMMY-licious!


-AVOCADO chopped

What can I say....GORGEOUS..!! =)

Scrumptious DiNNER MENU again,my Friends..=) hope you're not too tired..=P!!

I've made my own HOMEMADE FALAFELS YAY!!!!! And they turned out sooo yummy =))

-PiNK SWEET BEET SALADy = beets + apples
-KiWIS(super OVERRiPE just like I looove them!!)
-AVOCADO chopped

-FALAFELs => made with: CAULIFLOWER+sprouted SUNFLOWER and PUMPKIN SEEDS plus FLAX, nooch and spices...=) dehydrated for a few hours =)
Turned out perfectly!!!!! I enjoyed them slightly warm and they were so DELiCIOUS!!! =D
And quite EASY to prepare..=)

-HUMMUS !!!! => sprouted CHICKPEAS+AVOCADO+nooch+onion+garlic+chives+pepper+ACV+ whatever spices you like =))) COTTAGE CHEESE...=)))!!hah =D

And another ONE featuring my homemade FALAFELS...



-fresh batavia lettuce
+ACV =))

-SWEET CARROTie (carrots+apples)

-AVOCADO chopped
-CUCUMBER "chips"


-BIG'ol BROWN BUTTON CUPS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(YEAH,I REALLY ATE ALL OF THEM!! =DDD I'm such a MUSHRooM FREAK...!!!! hah!!)

This DiNNER was acsolutely insanely DELICIOUS....PERFECT for a HUNGRY TEENie hah =D ohh yeah I'm STiLL a TEENie =PPP

And of my other FAVOURITES......
PASTA in the RAWWWW!!!! =D

Salady box consisted of:

-fresh mixed greens
with GREEN SMOOTH DRESSiNG (apples+orange+spinach)
and the remaining part of the zucchini

-AVO chopped

and...PASTA DiSH...

-ZUCCHINI spiralized
+Brushetta herbs (sundried tomatoes+oregano+basil+onion+garlic)


+Brushetta herbs

with CHOPPED AVOCADO on top!!!!!

Sooo SiMPLE and SO GOOOOD!!! Comfort FooD,I swear!! Brings memories back....=DD!!

Okkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Soooo I think for today..that's all..unfortunately I need to practise a bit for my oral exam...=// well....

Hope you enjoyed reading todays post =)

I promise I'll be here SOON!!!!!! =D

STAY TUUNED,my dear Friends!!!!!!

Wish you all a perfect WEEKend !!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your time!!!!! =D

"See" ya..!!