Thursday, October 16, 2008

Positive thoughts... =)


That's me here ,guys!! I'm typing while learning some stuff for my History test tomorrow..:// BLEH!! So this won't be TOO long I suppose heh ;P
(BUT I LOVE to write so...:D)

First of all!!!! I would LOVE to thank you for the interest in the GROCERY EXCHANGE!!!! You're GREAT!!!!!!! :-DD I think it'll be SOOO creative and we'll explore new...horizonts..hah !! You can still tell me if SOMEONE WANTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXCHANGE!!!!!!!! Feel free to live a comment!! :-DD
I'M WAITING FOR YOU !!!!!!!!! =)

Well,well...onto the food from today!!

Some nice news!! I actually managed to sleep till 6.30 am !!!! WooW SO long haha =D Okay...what I had after my precious Yoga exercise....

First....I snacked on some DELICOUS ROYAL GALA APPLES

(3x BIG ONES mmmmmmm!!!)

That fresh colors....amazzing!! :)

Apples in these season-FALL are the best fruit ever....ahh!! :)

Well and after this I ate a generous portion of..."OVERNIGHT OATS" (raw style :))
Here are the two "components" together...

The "porridge" was REALLY like OVERNIGHT OATS!! The texture was perfect.. it was basically:

- Quinoa flakes
- Cashews
- Banana (1x)
- Kiwi (3x)

and everything was mixed with my FAVOURITE HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE MILK but this time I added a great SPICE MIX, it's called GINGER-BREAD SPICE can imagine mmm!! :)

Close up from the bowl....

And another one...=) eating while reading some "school-y" stuff...meh...:/

It was SO easy to throw together the night before!! And turned out to be delicius again :D

After that I had LOADS of fuel.....for a Maths lesson!!! :/ Not that great to use it for!!!!! But well...MUST is MUST as they say!! :p

My snack then was a baggie of CARROT "ladies" heh :)

Other BORING subjects ..oh I'll just ommit them !! Not worth to tell you at all!!

Anyway,after these (being SOO boring that I could SLEEP...!!) I had time for LUNCH!! I knew I need SOMETHING SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!! So that's what I came up with...

Here (next to this CUTE little Puppy..:D) you can see a little mix of apples and kiwis and ....yeahh my favourite ESSENE BREAD in THE RYE VARIETY this time!! :D With some ALMOND BUTTER ON THE SIDE !!

And next to these is...a quick blend of :

-BANANA (2x)

I poured the PUDDING into the rest...

...and dunked(dipped etc...:P) everything in it...!! (I know it may not look that
pretty hah but belive was delish!! )

Now.... a REVIEW's comming !!! :-DD I decided to TRY MY FIRST LARABAR EVER !!!!!!!!!
=DD I was quite excited cause you guys actually LOVE these bars..ok, ALMOST ALL of you :P What I thought bout the first LARABAR in MY LIFE..??!

The FLAVOR I decided to try was the APPLE PIE one...

Guys, I LOVED it !!!!!!!!!! It reminded me of my FAVOURITE cookie from my childhood!!
A wonderful cinnamon-y Christmas cookie...MMMMMMMMM!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!

I just couldn't belive it's actually THE SAME decadent flavor I remember from those cookies...!!!! AHHH-memories!! I give the APPLE PIE LARABAR 5 BIG STARS in MY 5-STAR scale hah !!! :-D

The process of unpackaging the precious bar....:P

OF COURSE I devoured THE WHOLE thing...=) After a few bites I decided to do a mix-in
!! Simply, I just threw little piecec of the bar into my pudding and enjoyed it with the almond butter .... words can't discribe the pleasure..:D (mmm)

After such a satisfying meal I could do MY BEST in my FAVOURITE subject-> ENGLISH!!
I really enjoyed it and it was fun!! I like my NEW TEACHER VERRRY MUCH =D
She's a great person!! =)

Well,well...(like this conection heh..) my DINNER today consisted of TWO parts...!!

I had my first it is...

What can I say was ENORMOUS ( Chocolate Covered Vegan would say GINORMOUS :-P) !!!!!! Consisted of:

-mixed greens (hidden underneath ..)
-WHITE BUTTON MUSHROOMS (my precious...but unfortunately these were THE LAST ..:()
-tomatoes (3x)
-red bell pepper (1x)
-red onion
-CARROT MASH (today there were: CARROTS+APPLES+BRAZIL NUTS..=BUTTERY taste..!!:))


I managed to eat this ...every bite :D

But that's not the end, no no!! :P

Later I prepared a SPECIAL DISH for ME & MY MUMMY !! So that's what I came up with... I shared THIS with my Mum :))

It's a Raw Dish... My own creation :D I think I will post the recipe if someone is interested =) it's a great recipe to impress even omnis :D

Here you are:


-sunflower seeds
-MExican SPICES (prepared mix I'm sure you can find lots of these :))

Blend everything to a rice-like consistency.

-tomatoes (fresh)
-tomatoes (sundried)
-basil+oregano+garlic (whatever else you want,feel free)

Blend till creamy !!

Sooo...that's it!!! SIMPLE,QUICK and ...DELICIOUS => A WINNER!! Give it a try!!

Now...I'm SOOO sorry but I HAVE TO leave you for now :_( I just HAVE TO STUDY this stuff for the History lesson ...!! Would like to get a good grade :PP

Hope you'll have some fun reading my post... :) (it'd make me feeling SOO good!!:))

I'll be here right back TOMORROW !! :D

Will miss you!!

HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!! (weekend is ALMOST here..!! :D)



As I said in the beginning- FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT BOUT THE GROCERY EXCHANGE!! :-D Will be FUN!! :-D


Jeni Treehugger said...

Your food just amazes me!
I'm seriously impressed.
You eat so healthy - you are a true inspiratin.
It all looks so lovely but I really like the Mexican Rice with salsa!
Way to go!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

yay for ginormous dinners! Yay for ginormous mealsin general ;o).

Good luck with the history!

Paulina said...

You eat such wonderful, colorful meals! I love looking at all the pictures you post, they make me crave raw foods so badly!

VeggieGirl said...

Cute dog :0)

Looove Larabars.

Good luck studying!

Anonymous said...

How cool that you got to share your raw creation with your mum!

Sam said...

I'm so glad you liked the Larabars! My favorite is the pecan pie. I think I sent you that one too!

Joanna said...

that delicious pudding, fruit, and bread concoction looks so good!!! haha it reminds me of the stuff I eat. I'm a nut butter fanatic and eat it like crazy.

can't wait for the exchange!

Lindsay I-F said...

hey jeni said that you and her are doing a swap soon. you should consider getting in on doing another swap later in the winter after the holidays have past. i will be posting more on my blog about it when it gets closer. i am getting a group together to do one in nov but i imagine that since you are exchanging with jeni soon that it probably isn't the best time but keep it in mind for the future