Saturday, October 18, 2008

Light in the sky....

HEY-loooooo!!!!! =))

Weekend!! I'm SO HAPPY to write again!!!!! You guys make me feel great...when you read and comment...ohhh SOOO good...mmm :))

I woke up and ..... it was SUCH a GEORGOUS DAY ... !!! The weather was SIMPLY DIVINE..........!!!!!!!!! You'll have a chance to see it a bit later...!! =)) Pls follow me again through my day....=))) (The photo ABOVE is just a preludium..:))

It was also quite a busy day for me....unfortunately I had my German teacher with a loooong lesson here at my home...:/ well, we were sitting in the room and all the sun just "POURED" the light throuh every window......... :D oh sooo pretty....

I woke up today morning to see THIS beauty..........

Ohh..I COULD NOT resist another photo....=))

What's with the FooD~, you may ask...:) !? I MANAGED TO EAT -OBVIOUSLY!! How could I FORGET bout it...!!?? :D IMPOSSIBLE!!

My day started with a 40 min morning the rising sun!!!!!!!! All what I can tell you bout it-> BEAUTIFUL FeeLiNG !! :)


I was SOO exhausted last night that I just put together a QiCK-kie thing =>

( I blended 3 bananas with 1xTBSP from my fav NoTTELLA :) simply delicious..)

-ROYAL GALA APPLES (3x sliced)
-KIWI (2x - they're UNDERNEATH all the apples !!)

Mmmm...silky deliciousness of the pudding....

I dipped the fruit in the pudding..!!

And.....oh yeeeeeah!!!!!!!!! That's right..!!! I tried MY SECOND LARABAR EVER !!! =)

BiG THANKS to SAM !!!!!!!! You're such a LOVELY girl!! =))

This time it was the PECAN PIE flavor....

Unwrapping the goodie....

What can I say??! The last PECANS I had (and THE FIRST EVER) were last year in November!!!!!!!! can imagine HOW GREAT IT WAS TO BITE INTO A BAR FULL OF PECAN FALVOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM definitely great!!

Oh...I ate half of the BAR mixed with the Pudding..!! Just like I LOVE IT !! :)) mm!!


About 12 o'clock me and my mum decided to go to the city to do some shopping!! The sun was shining SO bright and it was a perfect day for a walk so......

... I organised my lunch quickly putting together some simple yet delicious foods..!!

It looks all so wonderful, so colorful and so...juicy the sun...!!!! LOVE IT!!

What I put together.....

-simple SALAD with tomatoes, sunflower seeds and fresh Italian herbs (REFRESHING!!)


-Macadamia Pralines (3 small ones- UNFORTUNATELY THE LAST from the PACKAGE :_( )


-BANANA (overripe a bit..:P)

After throwing it into my baggie we headed to the city!!!

It was not too hot, just perfect..a calm wind was blowing gently through the streets... and the sun...oh yeahh...the sun was EVERWHERE!!

Here it COMES............ ANOTHER SUPRISE FOR YOU.......

.....some cute snapshots from our trip to the city park....:)) ENJOY the AUTUMN'S BEAUTY AGAIN !!!!!!

Truly divine....

Wonder how the nature makes it....


...loads of them.......


...and....ME sitting in the sun and ...enjoying my lunch =)) perfect destination !!

....REALLY enjoying....;)

Well,well,well!! As you can see I truely LOVED the weather today..... Autumn is the most beautiful season .... so suprising...=))

After our nice trip we returned home and I got to study a bit for the upcoming test on Monday...:/ in Polish ...:/

My hunger stroke at me after a couple of hours...:> I was in a hurry so I just threw together another QUICK-kie option :))

I was in a mood for REFRESHING SALADS!! =)) And my Dad bought some wonderful juicy local tomatoes !! So I decided to put together:

-salad mix
-red bell pepper
-KIWI ( I LOVE the taste of fruit in salads mm!!)
-MULBERRIES ( like I mentioned in my previous post- CARAMEL-y !! =))

on the side I had my staples ;)

-Essene bread spelt (sprinkled with Wasabi powder-HOT!!)
-Banana (overripe =))

Close up of the salad-y ...

...and everything together...

So it was a quick and very tasty meal ..=))

DO YOU LIKE TO ADD FRUIT TO YOUR SALADS....??? Share opinions :))

After dinner I rushed to the cinema with some friends!! We wanted to see a new movie bout our Polish POPE JOHN PAUL II .... was breathtaking.....such an AMAZZZING man..

...a man who changed so much..a man who changed the world and people's lives....

...MAY HE REST IN PiECE.... for me...the movie was also..heartbreaking...he had to suffer... suffer so much in the end of his "BiG" life.... :_(

I'm sorry for that note..but I think THIS MAN deserves the MEMORY...the respect.


Well...and what I wanted to tell you at the end of my todays post is...


Oh's not the only thing I want to tell you... ;-))

That's it: I hope I'm not too boooring or sth...?? ;) Hah...well...I'd LOVE to satisfy your minds..:) hah!!
And now...I'll leave you with some snapshots from my AUTUMN-y garden.....=)

...Try to relax.... just think bout...the sun....:) the light...the Beauty...:)

HAVE A WONDERFUL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)) I'll be back tomorrow!!!! =D

See you then...( I hope....) ~!!


CHICKPEA let me know your email and I'll send you the recipe for my CARROT MASH,ok?? :))
I'm waiting!!


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

You've been tagged... to show us the contents of your FREEZER!!!

Michelle J said...

Hiya again!!

My goodness, your post is quite amazing. I love everything about it. I want to join you for dinner and lunch and breakfast!!!

My favorite lara bar is the peanut butter cookie i think its called. Three ingredients....peanuts, dates and salt. It is soooo good. Addicting too!! Can you get lara bars in Poland? If not, i'd be more than happy to send you some!!! Just let me know!

Also, what is the grocery exchange? I'd like to participate if i can!!

I love fruit in salads. Strawberries are good and cranberries too!!! Actually anything sweet is good to me!!!

Your photos, once again..brilliant!! May i ask, what part of Poland are you from?

Thanks for this great post!!!


Paulina said...

I love your blog!! It's such a treat reading your posts and the pics are wonderful. I need to start eating more like you - you are truly an inspiration. Every time I visit your blog, I crave raw foods (I think I've told you this before but it's true!).

ChickPea said...

Agnes! You're so sweet to remember my request for the carrot mash recipe! My email is Thanks in advance!
PS I would be interested in this grocery exchange...what's it all about?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful food!

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY jealous of the mountain view you have there. I love fall weather and scenery, it's so darn pretty :)

I have the Pecan Pie Larabar sitting in my room right now just waiting to be eaten. I've never tried that kind yet so I can't wait to :)

I never think to put fruit in my salad but I really should, I think it would add a lovely sweetness. I need to expand my salad dishes, my salads are always pretty similar.

Michelle J said...

Hi Agness,
Yes, sure i'd love to do the grocery exchange with you! I am going to be shopping this coming week in my favorite Whole Foods store as well as Trader Joe's. Lara bars here they come!!

How can we do this? You have it organized?? Let me know sweetie!!!