Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Challenging goes on...


It'll be a relatively quick post cause I have to go back to my essays (ANOTHER ONES Yikes!!!) :(

Well,by the way I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for all the GREAT words in your comments!! It makes me SOOO happy and I know that I have somebody who reads what I write!! It's a great feeling!!! Thanx !!

Oh and AGAIN! I'll have some GREAT & AMAZZZING NEWS for YOU at the end ..:) So keep on reading!! :))

Food today..!! Considering it was the absolutely HELL going on here today hah, I had some really nice eats!!

Beginning with the morning meal....obviously followed by a short (35 min :)) Yoga Session ..:)

It was a DECADENT BREAKFAST option , belive me!! It was FULL of delicousness :D
I like to call it :

"The Ultimate NOTtella Sandwich(es)" !!!!

What was there in it...??

-CHOCOLATE SPREAD (1 BIG spoonful- it's sth like the Artisana Cocoa Bliss :)) pure
RAW Nuttella !!! Whar to want more for brekkie?!
-Essene Bread Spelt (7 slices...)
-Banana (2x)

It was SO comforty...like having dessert ...:D indulgent for breakfast before a hardy-guardy day hah..-that's it!!

After such a great fuel my brain was fully prepared for everything!! And I had two tests in Social Sciences ...and I've got A's ...yay !! (It's all from that chocolate lol!!)

After another two English lessons I was HUNGRRRRY...!!!! I snacked on a BIG baggie of carroths and kolhlrabi...refreshing!!

I was OBVIOUSLY still hungrrryy...;)) so...I took sth more to feel me up !! As I mentioned it was a "IN HURRY DAY" so it was like "GRAB'N'GO" ;-PP But went pretty well actually....I think so !!

I munched on some :

-Bananas (2x)
-Almond Butter (1xTBSP)

-APPLE-CINNAMON ROLL (a great raw snack , like a fruit leather but with golden flax
and sunflower seeds,oh,and a LOVELY cinnamon taste..:))

Here you can see it closer...:)

Actually I have some raw snacks at home, like fruit or cocoa balls/pralines, raw chocoalate etc.... so you'll see it thrown sometimes there in the meals heh..:)

And finally my last eating session for today...

A BIGG-ie :-P It was a ,let's call it, meal of random choices...:-PP I was a bit OUT OF VEGGIES & FRUIT...:// so I had to be creative and imaginative..hah!! Everything was tasty ,so I think I've done the job !!

What did I come up with..?? Hmm..?? Well...

-tomato (JUST ONE !! :_(( )
-apples (a few TINY local ones)
-frozen grapes (mmm!!)
-ASPARAGUS (frozen by myself in April :)) and now reheated at 45 celsius degree)
-Italian herbs

-Essene Bread with a BANANA :))

and....the highlight of the meal......

........."Mashed Potatoes in the Raw" :-D

-NO potatoes there actually :P but it was such a simmilar texture to the real thing!!


- celery
- cashews
- onion
- dill+parsley
- pepper to taste
- Quinoa flakes (or ground buckwheat or oats etc..)

Thrown into the food processor !! Great RAW "Mashed Potatoes" :) I ate it slightly warm with tomatoes on top...mmmmm!!!! Simple and cool!!

Well,well,well...;) And unfortunately it's all from the EATS of today ://...

But as I mentioned at the beginning (!!) I have some GREAT NEWS to share with YOU :-D

During exploring the Internet and all the blogging world etc. I maneged to "MEET" a LOVELY person...=)) It was practically a pure coincidence but I'm SO happy it happened an we could meet ...:))

Her name is SAM.....and she's LOVELY :)) Lately we've made something really CRAZZZY and REALLY AMAZZZZING!!!! =)))

We've done A GROCERY/FOOD EXCHANGE !!!!!!!!!! :-DDD How funny is it!!!???
I was SO excited and just today........ THAT arrived at my door......

A PACKAGE from SAM !!!! The EXCHANGE FOOD PACKAGE =D And what was all inside..?!!

Here are the goodies UNPACKED :-D

ANd SOOO nice the FAMOUS LARABARS are there as well!! YAY!!

And finally....something NON-EDIBLE ...BUT SMELLING LIKE THAT !!!! (MMMM!!:P)

I'm actually SO excited about that GROCERY EXCHANGE...!! It's such a fantastic way to explore sth new !! :)))

comment!! I'm waiting!!

Ok, soo...I think I have to go BACK to the essay which is here on my desk...not completed at all..BLEH!! :/ Well have to go through it!! :-))

Hope you enjoyed =))

Hope you'll come back...

Cause I'll be BACK here...hah :p

Tomorrow!! With a fresh assortment of produce (MY Dad was in Germany!! YAY!!:))

Wish you ALL a great successful day full of positive surprises =D

See ya!!


Nazarina A said...

I love that apple cinnamon roll and your pictures of the bananas and the prep of your dishes so healthy and good. It is so funny I received a box from Poland last month ( A beautiful tin with dark choc.) What is this grocery exchange all about?? Please come and visit me and check out my Polish doughnuts, I would love to have your link on one of my posts so that I can come back here!

AGNESSS =))) said...

I have commented on your blog Nazarina :DD check it pls!!

Brooke said...

raw nutella!? that looks so yummy, especially on bread with bananas! and i would love to try an apple-cinnamon roll! what fun eats :)

and thank you for the comment on my blog agnes!

Sammy said...

That's so cool, you get to try stuff from North America! You don't get Larabars there :o

Sam said...

Glad you liked everything!!! When is my package coming to the US?

Anonymous said...

That's the best idea ever! A grocery exchange between two different countries! Do you have Larabars in Poland? If you're trying them for the first time you should definitely tell us what you think about them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Agnes, thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been checking yours out and I really like the way you eat, you have some really great and unique food combinations going on here. So cool! I'll definitely be reading more often. :)

LOVE the idea of a grocery exchange. That is so cool! Especially between different countries. I love seeing foods from different places!

DJ said...

A grocery exchange sounds so cool - that's something I'd love to be part of! Do you eat a lot of raw food? 'Cos that's something I'm getting more interested in...

AGNESSS =)) said...

vegalicious- I'll review the Larabars FOR SURE !! :))) No we don't have them here in Poland !! UNFORTUNATELY!! :((( I'd LOVE to try all of the flavours!!!
Would you like to take part in the grocery exchange ,huh..?? =)))

lighterportions- THANK YOU SO MUCH for the nice words :)) Appreciate it very much!!
would you lie to be a part of the grocery exchange..??:D

dj- Thx SO much for commenting!!
You can take part in the grocery exchange!! :D Inviting you!! :D would you??! :-D

AGNESSS =) said...

sammy-what stuff have you got there in North America then..??!! :)))

Joanna said...

you're just like me! i love sweet breakfasts. I usually have bananas with peanut butter and a handful of dried fruit.

That grocery exchange sounds really fun!!! I love trying new stuff, too.

Janet said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) I really like seeing your unique snacks; those apple cinnamon rolls look delicious!

Lucky you getting all those goodies in a grocery exchange. I see you have one of my favorite treats in there, a Green & Black's dark chocolate bar. Mmm!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, that raw nutella looks amazing!

Jeni Treehugger said...

That Cinnamon roll is intriguing! I've never seen anything like that!
I'm in Spain so I could add to the International flavour for the package swap. I'm actually just doing one for someone on the PPK but after that I'd be interested in joining too.