Thursday, October 9, 2008

MY frirst ever (!!) POST on MY blog =)

Hey hey hello !!

You don't know who I am, I'm not well-known in the blogging world...but I just wanted to start the adventure with my own blog!!

I've been reading lots of your blogs for quite some time and I find all of them REALLY great. And the whole idea about food blogging and blogging in general !! is SO exciting :))

(Did you notice how many times the world "blogging" or "blog" occured in this sentences..hah...well..I'll improve it next time ;-P)

Well..well..!! But actually I haven't still written anything WHO I am !!

My name's Agnes and I live in...Poland :) I'm in my last year of high school and next year I'm going to study...somewhere there in the world !! Don't know it now..!!

Ok,so I'm 18 years old and the law says I'm an adult...(sounds strange hah :P)

How my blog's going to be?? It's going to be a food blog , a VEGAN food blog!!

Yes, I'm a vegan girl..since last April!!

I think it was the BEST thing I could do!! I feel so good for myself that I'm on this way in my life..!

Ok...! Soo...maybe I'll stop here , leaving you with just one photo of a BEAUTIFUL moment from todays was spectacular...!! (It happens quite often here where I live :))

Tommorrow I'll be back with some REAL FOOD BLOGG-y post :))

Hope you'll enjoy reading it!!

HUGS for you GUYS !! =)))

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DJ said...

Hi Agnes, looking forward to reading your blog - my mum's from Jelenia Gora too, what a small world!!