Monday, November 24, 2008

Tryin' to deal..!!


Well,all I can say is that I'M SOOOO HAPPY writing here again!!!!!! =D I MISSED it SOOO MUCH!! =D
The reason of all that delay is ...of course SCHOOL!!! =// Yeah!! And the BAD NEWS -> it WILL GET even BUSIER over the few next months...since MY FINAL is nearing....COMING in MAY =//

That means it'll be a VERY RUSH-y time for me..=( but well,that's life =P
And OF COURSE I'm NOT GOING TO STOP posting =D It'd be IMPOSSIBLE because YOU GUYS give me SOOOOO MUCH energy and I LOVE writing and "meeting" YOU ALL!!!

Thank you SOOOO much!!! =D

Unfortunately I'm in a hurry well!! =( But I'll do my best to write a decent post =D

Starting with .................. THE AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Like I mentioned yesterday TWO WONDERFUL BLOGGERS/FRIENDS/GIRLS =) gave me this BUTTERFLY AWARD =D
Just like I said ..I'm SOO EXCITED bout it!! It's a HUUGE pleasure!! =D Someone likes my blog and the stuff I'm doing here!! That makes me very pleased and HAPPY!! =D

Thank you,GIRLS !!!! =** (JOANNA and JENNI TREEHUGGER)
And now my TOP TEN BLOGS...=D
Well,actually some of them got the award before but IT WOULD BE INSANE not to have them in my fav list =D

But honestly there are SOO MANY COOL BLOGS there...ahh!! So ok,now I have to match 10...

meme rules & regs:

(1) post about the award,

(2) link back to the person that nominated you

(3) place the award on your sidebar

(4) choose 10 blogs that you think are really cool, link to them, contact each person and talk about why you think their blogs are cool.

1.VEGGIE GIRL -> Liz,you were the first person I "met" in the Vegan Blogworld...and the first VEGAN ever =))!! Your adventures,lifestyle and your blog gave me a wonderful introduction to how VEGANISM in America looks like...!! Keeping in touch with youand sharing opinions,thoughts etc. was always a pleasure for me.Thank you,Liz!! =D

2.CUP OF JO -> Yeah,YOU Girl =) Jo,you gave me this award and I'm sending it to you as well!! Well,we've "met" each other not a LONG time ago and I feel like you'd be MY FRIEND for AGES !! =D Really you're such a nice person =) Talking with you,Jo,is like talking with the best friend =D OH YES,I'm SURE we'll meet =D SOON!! =DDD

3.CHOCOLATE COVERED VEGAN -> Oh,I've been following your blog for a VERY long time =D I like your style and all the food you eat =D You seem to be a cool person =) And YOUR CUPCAKES...ART in its finest =D Oh !! And your family in Poland!!YOU HAVE TO come and visit!! =D

4.CHOOSE RAW NOT WAR ->Aj,you're my second EUROPE friend here hah!! =D And you're RAW FOODIE so that is SOO COOL!! =D Respect for being a teenie (15 years old!!) and choosing this WAY!! =D Wish you LUCK and now I don't feel ALONE anymore!! =D
You're doing so great!!

5. SIMPLY VEGETARIAN -> Your blog is such a great inspiration,Brooke!! You're a creative person!! And you're interested in FASHION!!! It's soo nice to find someone who has a passion for FASHION,styling and all that stuff =D !!

6.VEGALICIOUS -> Girl,you just decided to stop posting,you want to take a break =( Honestly, it made me sad!! =( Your blog was a pleasure to follow =)) And you should NOT worry bout your eating so much...=))!! Try to find a BALANCE and do the best to your body!! =DD I promise you all will be OK!! =D And come back to posting soon!! We'll be all missing you!!

7.SWEET EATS -> New Yor City Lifestyle PURE!! =D Erica,I've been following your blog for a long time REALLY!! And it was another wonderful introduction in American-Lifestyle =D Your pictures are always so wonderful and your ideas yummy. Keep it going!!

8.RAW COOL....BLACK IS THE NEW BLOG!!!! -> Well,another NYC Girl =)) Michelle,your blog is AMAZZINg and ...CRAZZY !! =D I enjoy it really very much!! And YOU as a're such a kind woman =D And you're trying to keep RAW style going..hope we'll meet some day =)

9.VEGAN CRUNK -> Bianca,your creations are wonderful!! I really enjoy following all of them!! Your blog gives a perfect inspiration and I LOVE your RAW days !! =D Well,hope you're COOKBOOK will come soon!! =D

10. LIGHTERPORTIONS -> Busy Christie =) Your post are so nice to read!! Enjoyable!! =D Really a great way to relax and look at some nice eats =D And you're doing great,I wish you luck with all the stuff coming on you =D I can FULLY understand you!! =D

11.SKINTVEGAN -> Daria,you're a wonderful Vegan Mum!! =D Your kiddies are soo amazzing =D And I love all your pictures and phots and dishes..!! Would like to meet you!! Hope for it!! =D
Great job there =D And YOUR MUM is also a great person =D Hugs!!
12.HEATHENVEGAN -> you gave me the award!! Jenni,your blog is full of ideas and I love to follow it!! It's nice to read every post =D And ou seem to be a great person...and your AVOCADO TREE....may it grow STRONG and BIG! ! =D

Oh ..and that's it =D

And Friends!! I don't have time to post anything else =( But I WILL!! =DD

I'll show you my eats from YESTERDAY =D since today was TOO RUSH-y ...

Breakfast treats....

It was another FABULOUS "Raw Oatmeal Concoction" !!! =D
-Quinoa flakes
-Cacao powder
-CACAO NIBS =) yum!!

-HEMP SEEDS (loooovely!!=D)

Tasted TERRiFiC!!!!!!! Absolutely PERFECT!! =D

LUNCH !!!!!!

-MUSHROOM PESTO (yummmm!!)


-red onion and basil was DELIGHTFUL =D Sooo satisfying!!

And....finally DINNER................

-CASHEW-CARROT-y "RiCE" =D yummyyy ->creamy&crunchy!!

-(ITALIAN)CABBAGE COCONUT-y "RiCE" -> IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!REALLY !! Great!! This combo is SUPERB -> Italian cabbage + coconut flakes + red onion + lime juice
-ANANAS (dried-soo sweet and exotic yum!!)
-tomatoes (with red onion and basil=))
OKAY !!!! Now I have to go !!!!!!! =( Hope you'll come back TOMORROW!!! =D
I'll do my best to be BACK HERE as well!!
Enjoy your time,my Friends!!!!!!! =D
"See" ya!!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Agness, you are such a sweetheart! I WILL make it to Poland someday! Of course if you're ever in Texas, you must come visit me too :o)

Lauren said...

Congrats on your award! Love the meals! :)

Bianca said...

Congrats on your award, and thanks for giving me one!!! I love your raw days too...wait, that's everyday for you! Then that must mean that I love your food everyday! Yea! The "rice" sounds fantastic.

River said...

Congratulations on the award!! You deserve it for your beautiful colorfulness!

Anonymous said...

You are too darn sweet! Thanks so much! Girl, I love your enthusiasm and positive attitude, it's so contagious!
Best of luck with all the work! Glad you were able to take a bit of time to give us an update!

Paulina said...

Congrats on your award! And, as usual, the food looks great and fresh!

Anonymous said...

Dear Agnieszka gratulacje on your award. I agree your blog is very colourful. Keep up the good work it is always a joy to read your blog.

VeggieGirl said...

Congratulations on the award; and thank you so much for passing it on to me!! You're so sweet :-)

ajchanter said...

Ohh, I'm honoured!

Yeah, I know it wouldn't be a bad thing to have some RAW (!!!) sauerkraut! XD

Now I have to think about my list of fav blogs!

Thats gunna be hard fo' sure!!
Dw though... You will be on it!!!!!! :D:D

Thanks again! (:

Jeni Treehugger said...

Agnesssssssssssss you are a complete sweetheart.


GORGEOUS food as always.

Michelle J said...

Angess dear you are a beautiful girl!!! Thanks for including me in your list of blogs!! I feel special now!!

Would you mind if you put your blog on my blog roll??? I think that would be cool right??

How is everything pretty lady? Your eating makes me jealous!!!

Love ya!!

Joanna said...

thank you for saying such nice things, agnes!!! i feel like we've been friends forever, too!!!

i hope your polish test goes okay!!

that oatmeal looks so good. i need to get my butt to whole foods for some quinoa flakes. the grocery store near my house is so ghetto. it has a very small natural foods/vegan foods section.

have a good day!!


Brooke said...

congratulations!!! and you are so sweet, thanks love :)

yum your breakfast looks incredible! i cant believe its raw!

i hope you have a wonderful day! :)