Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The change...


I'm here for a while,my Friends!! So glad to be..=)) It will be a SHORT-y unfortunately but...hope you'll still enjoy =))


What do you think bout this fact?? Were you voting for HIM ?? Or maybe are you dissapointed? Feel free to share opinions =))

I spend the night watching CNN all the time....until 2 am =D I listened to Obama's speech in Chicago and...

..Well...personaly I think it's quite good for the US,Obama being elected...I mean,of course we'll see how he's going to do his work but for now my opinion America needs some changes... needs a breath of fresh's worth to try,I think,especially because the last president's Bush time was not..a very successful one......=/

That's just my opinion =)) I hope you won't blame me or sth if you have other thoughts bout Obama's election =)) Just think we have to wait until the future!! =)) hah!!

Anyways....GooD Luck for Mr OBAMA!!!!!! =)))

Ok!!!!! ANd NOW,it's the very time you the FooD from today =)))

My day,even though I had a VERY short night due to the election thing, began as always- EARLY!! But it was not a big problem for me to get up...

After doing some gym I was ready for my FIRST MEAL of the day!! =D

I had ANOTHER DELICIOUS CAROB-late DRiNK (this cup is probably 25-30 oz hhaah )
made with BRAZIL NUT BUTTER (2 BiG TBSP!!) and gingerbread spice => YUM YUM!!

It's SO much better than any COFFEE!! =D

The main event was......

APPLE PiE Cream !!!!!!!!!!

-Apple Cream (apples + coconut flour + cinnamon)


-Hemp seeds

and another Apple sliced to dip in the Cream....=))

That was a VERY tasty ,ABSOLUTELY AUTUMN-y Breakfast!!! Just perfect !!

Close up one...


I had two Polish classes ,and one History...well....exhausting was it!!

At lunch I felt SOOOOOOOOO HUNGRY , if not STARVING!!!!!!!!!!! hah...

So I grabbed some yummy eats to tide my stomach....

It was a bunch of some FAVOURiTES ...

-Essene Bread Spelt

-Tomatoes (I'm CRAZZZY bout them!!They're still LOCAL JUICY ones...CRAVING THEM !!)

and........... ONE COMPLETELY NEW THING TO ME..............


It was a Wild Garlic Pesto(raw) from the package I got from Grannie =D yayyy!! I was soo excited to try it!!!!!!!!

And I LOVED IT!!!!!!! The taste was hearty ,spicy,and OH SO SATISFYING with the bread and tomatoes!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!!

And to be honest I'm not a fan of oil in this form (as olive,canola etc.) I don't use it just because it's never needed and I simply don't like it ..

But made as a PESTO with all the HERBS in was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! =DDD

It's good to try sth new sometimes........!!!!! REALLY!! (Not JUST in the food sphere...hah)

Then.............I had to go to my friend to bring her some things and it took some time....

Back home I had my DiNNER MEAL..............

.....there was no time for sth very special....cause there was AN AWFUL GEOGRAPHY CLASS in perspective VERY SooN !! =//

So......I had a QUICK-ie ........and it was DELICIOUS =))

I whipped up ....

-mixed greens

-SWEET CELERY MASH (celery+apples+agave+cashew butter+red onion+cinnamon=YUM!!!!)

-tomatoes (!!!!!!!!!)

-CASHEWS (soaked for a few hours and PERFECTLY SWEET mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!)
(the cashews, was about half a cup =P hahh was hungrrry for them!!)

Unfortunately I had to eat pretty quickly what I HATE doing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grr!!
It tasted all SO TASTY and I couldn't truly savor it....=((



Then I just ran for the was verrrry exhausting......verrry!! =//

now........ I have to learn some English =D and make Physics exercise...=_( Respect to all those who like Physics hah =D !!
I'm learning some nice PHRASAL VERBS with "carry" and "wear" can teach me,guys!!!! Would you like!! ?? =PP

OK.........soooo...I guess
it's the end for today..oh ...just one more ANSWER your questions...I'm doing my blood tests just to know if everything is ok now...=))) I've got some allergies supposed to be in my body so that's helpful...=D


I wish you a WONDERFUL time , the weekend is nearing again!!!!!!!!! How it flies by!!! =D


And "see" you tomorrow ,my Friends!!!!!!

Bye-bye!! =))


VeggieGirl said...

Very busy girl you are!

Have a great evening!

Stacey D said...

Hey Agness. I have a question for you... do you make your own essene bread or do you buy it? I tried to make my own recently and it was a disaster!

As for Barack Obama, I say HOOORAY! It felt good to take part in the democracy of my country by voting, and even better the candidate I supported won! He has a lot of weight on his shoulders, I'm praying for him.

Bianca said...

Your brazil nut butter drink sounds amazing. I wish I could find brazil nut butter here....sigh...

As for Obama, I totally agree with you. America has a horrible image around the world, and I think he'll change that. Hopefully, other countries will start to look at Americans as a little smarter than we used to be...not that I ever voted for Bush, but too many people did. Things are gonna change now...for the better!

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that Obama has become president. Hopefully the US will see some great changes and much needed improvements now.

Apple pie cream now?! Holy cow, you create every combination imaginable don't you!

You had never tried pesto before? Oh my gosh. Pesto is amazing. I really want to make my own homemade stuff one of these days.

Michelle J said...

OBAMA!!! I voted for him. He is amazing in my opinion. History is made and now the real work has to start. It may take a very long time to see and feel the change but it will happen...

Great food photos as always!!!

joanna said...

I'm just gonna keep enjoying Bush being president. I'm so sad McCain didn't win :( Atleast the term is ONLY 4 years haha

I love your apple pie cream. Do you make your own coconut flour? I've seen coconut powder, but never flour. sounds yummy.

Simple and Divine said...

I am so relieved the end to the Bush Administration IS HERE! Enough has been BEYOND ENOUGH. Everyday, we lived in FEAR. I feel so safe and secure now :) I couldn't be HAPPIER that My O-Baby is our President-Elect! Life is, indeed, SO SWEET and BEAUTIFUL.

DJ said...

That apple pie cream looks amazing! I think you're very creative with the recipes you come up with! I was also very taken by the wild garlic pesto - it looks delicious! I'm posting your parcel today, Agnes, it's the first grocery exchange I've done so fingers crossed you'll like the stuff I've put in!

Sammy said...

Hey, glad to see you got to try Pesto!! It's yum, and really good on pasta. Do you eat pasta?

River said...

YAY for change in the US and the world!
You sound so much happier today, I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Agnes!-

Do you add water to your nut butter/latte drink? How do you get it so thin?

I think I'm going to re-try pesto. Never cared for it, but you make it sound so yummy!

Anonymous said...