Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick but decent =PP

Hey hey !!!!!!

That's me here again!!!!

I've just finished my dinner and HAVE to go to town to meet my mum there!! So...it'll be QUICK!! =PPP But not BAD ,due to this QUICK-NESS of course !! =PPPP

So here we go with TODAYS eats...!!!!!!

My BREAKFAST ..... oh yeah!! Did I ever mention I simply LOVE BREAKFAST ??!!! The highlight of all the meals !!!! BREAKFAST is my fav meal hah!! It gives the much needed ENERGY!!!!!! (If you eat RIGHT of course !! =PPP)


Today I enjoyed ANOTHER "RAW OVERNIGHT OATMEAL"...!!!!!! I'm CRAZZZY bout this lately haahha!!! =D I CRAVE IT!!!!!!!


-NUT MUESLI (crushed hazelnuts,walnuts,almonds,pine nuts,mullberries) -> SOOO CRUNCHY!!!!! =D Lovely!!

-ANANAS (dried) -> EXOTIC touch!! =D



-BANANAS (2 LAST ones!!)


All in all.....A WONDERFUL START in the DAY!!!!!! =D Really PURE RAW Comfort GooDness!! =D

I had some "nice" tests planed for today....I don't know the results yet but....hope for a good mark !! =PP

Well,as for my LUNCH I was REALLY HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So according to my BIG hunger I had these........

ANOTHER BUNCH of favourites!!!!!! How much I LOVE them!!?!! =P

-CASHEW-CARROT-y "RICE" (leftovers but YUM!!!! )

-ITALIAN CABBAGE COCONUT-y "RICE" (leftovers also...but tasted still GREAT!!!)


-MUSHROOM PESTO (LOVE IT now!! Got hooked!! !)

-AVOCADO (rest bout 1/2)

and OBVIOUSLY.......................

(Actually LOADS of it!!! OBSESSION AGAIN!!=P)

close up-s...

This amount of food seems to be A LOT for one...but guess what ...!! I WAS HUNGRY AGAIN after a hour and a half...!!!!!!! =DDDD Well,maybe that's due to the BRAIN WORK on the previous tests...??!! =PPP

Soo...to tide over my hunger I had these.........

-CRUNCHY CARAMEL CAKES ( I ate THREE REALLY BIG ones!! Crazzzy hunger!! =P)

(of course RAW treat!!!! OMG,it's really DELICIOUS!!! Tastes TERRIFIC!! Sweet and reminds me of a snack bar I used to eat as a child...MMMMMM!!!! Just YUMMY!!!!! And do you know what it's made of???!!

Simply..... SPROUTED BUCKWHEAT GROATS,DATES and VANILLA !!!!!!!!!! It's DEHYDRATED to perfection and comes soooooo PERFECT!!!!! I ordered it online on a German website....ohh!! GREAT it is!! =D

Ok,after finishing classes for today .....I studied a bit for my Geography tes tomorrow... ANOTHER ONE....=////!! Ahh...

And then ..........DINNER................

It was a HUUUUUGE box full of goodies.....=))


-SUNNY CARROT "RICE" -> carrots + apples + red onion + sunflower seeds SIMPLE YUM!!

-ITALIAN CABBAGE COCONUT-y "RICE" ->loved it soo much so I made it again!! =D


-tomatoes with fresh herbs

and the NEW THING ............


I'm not sure if you know this plant,it's called LOPINO and it grows also here in Europe I think. It's a plant that is meant to be a WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE to SOY!!!!!!!!!!! Its nutritional values are MUCH HIGHER than those in SOY!!!! =))))

I managed to get some LOPINO GRAINS and I just SPROUTED them!! Went perfect!! And it's such a pleasure to WATCH the SPROUTING PROCESS...hah..!! AMAZZZZING!!!!!!!!! =DDD

Here I sprinkled it all with a bit of NUTRITIONAL YEAST =D

That's all for today =D Have to run to meet my mummy =P!! And later on I HAVE to LEARN for GEOGRAPHY TOMORROW....!! AWFUL =//// just waitin' for the end of this!! AHH!! =PP

Ok...so I hope you're enjoying your time and your day today =PP!!!


Soo...... I'll be back =D

"See" you!!!!



Sammy said...

Yummm those Crunchy caramel cakes look so good! And I've seen spelt flakes and wondered how to use them... do you like them?

River said...

WOW that raisin bread looks fabulous! Good luck with geography!

nourishing mornings said...

love all your eats so exotic and cool. that oatmeal looks amazing love the variety of add ins. and the carrot cashew rice yum!

Bianca said...

I love making my own sprouts, though I've never heard of Lopino. I wonder if the plant is available in the States at all.

Anonymous said...

Your food always looks delicious! I wish I thought about making more raw foods - it's so good (though I did make raw apple crisp for my breakfast this morning). Do you make your own essene bread?

Maya said...

i love your food,so cool! and the raw oats look super healthy and creative and delicious!

Joanna said...

agnes, i have to be serious here.

you are going to turn into essene bread if you keep eating it so much!!!!

haha i couldn't help myself.

it's just so funny. everytime i come on your blog, you are eating that bread!!!

Brooke said...

your raw oats! wow they sound delicious! i love breakfast too, it is my favorite part of the day :)

i hope you have a great day!