Saturday, May 9, 2009

WEEKend posting..=)

Hi dear Reader-Friends...!!

Ohhh how I missed you,Guys!!!!!!!!!!! This week was soooooooo draining and stressful for me..!! Like I've told you last time...I HAD MY EXAMS on MONDAY,TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY..!!!! You cannot imagine HOW RELIEVED I am now to have them done...don't know how I've made on them but ...oh well,at least they are OVER....!!!!!! YAY =DD !!

Well,I still have TWO more exams,the oral ones in Polish and English...=// The first is on Monday...=/// I feel quite scared again ehh...=/

I have sooooooooo many pictures to post for you ...!! I really want to show you all of them hah!! =DD I'll try to divide it and make it in parts ...=) Hope it's okl like this..=D

Well,well....sooooo here we go with the picture mix for today...=DDD

DINNER MEAL.............. =D
Such a scrummy concocton...=)) With a LOVELY DESSERT= EXOTiC ICE-CREAM!!!!!! =DD

The SALAD-y was made of:

-fresh batavia lettuce
-2x kiwis
-green raisins

+ACV (apple cider vinegar= MY NEW OBSESSiON !!)

-SWEET CARROTie = carrots+apples SiMPLY YUM!!

-AVOCADO chopped


+ a few BLACK BOOTJA PERUVIAN OLIVES.... =)) (a nice addition!!)


-mango,papaya,pineapple FROZEN


Satisfied me WONDEFUL-ly haha =D

Another DiN-DiN BOX.......=D

Taco style..=)


-fresh batavia lettuce
-yellow bell pepper
+a few sproued pumpkin seeds
+ ACV =P

-SWEET POTATO SALADy = sweet potato+apples OH SO YUMMooO!!

-AVOCADO +chopped chives (LOVE this HERB SOOOO MUCH!!)


-BEET TACOs =) => BEET slices slathered with ONiON "BUTTER" (red palm oil with veggies and herbs) and AVO =D

Great and colorful DiNNER meal =D

You've probably noticed HOW I LOOOVE BiG DiNDin BOXES....=P soo here's one again..!!

With such a SCRUMPTIOUS ADDITION= one sliced PERFECTLY RiPE MANGO !!!!!!!!!
I'm now enjoying MANGOs...I haven't eaten them in ages...!!!!!
The ripe ones really do taste like FOOD of the Gods...=D!!

Beloved BoX:

-fresh dark batavia lettuce

+BEAR ONiON !!!!!! (ANOTHER OBSESSiON of myself....!!!!! HAH it's such a lovely HERB!! But the season is soooooooooo short!! Just from March till May..=_( *tear

-RADISH DiSH =P => black radishes+apples shredded together + carrot coins+parsley+ ACV+ chopped BROWN BUTTON MUSHRooMS ....
....OBSESSIoN ALLERT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I'm SUCH A MUSHROOM LOVER and I've just found my NEW FAVOURITE...the BROWN BUTTON KiND..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the most delcious one.. tastes soooo much more flavorful than the white type...!!!!!!!!!!! =DD YUMMMMMMMY-licious!


-AVOCADO chopped

What can I say....GORGEOUS..!! =)

Scrumptious DiNNER MENU again,my Friends..=) hope you're not too tired..=P!!

I've made my own HOMEMADE FALAFELS YAY!!!!! And they turned out sooo yummy =))

-PiNK SWEET BEET SALADy = beets + apples
-KiWIS(super OVERRiPE just like I looove them!!)
-AVOCADO chopped

-FALAFELs => made with: CAULIFLOWER+sprouted SUNFLOWER and PUMPKIN SEEDS plus FLAX, nooch and spices...=) dehydrated for a few hours =)
Turned out perfectly!!!!! I enjoyed them slightly warm and they were so DELiCIOUS!!! =D
And quite EASY to prepare..=)

-HUMMUS !!!! => sprouted CHICKPEAS+AVOCADO+nooch+onion+garlic+chives+pepper+ACV+ whatever spices you like =))) COTTAGE CHEESE...=)))!!hah =D

And another ONE featuring my homemade FALAFELS...



-fresh batavia lettuce
+ACV =))

-SWEET CARROTie (carrots+apples)

-AVOCADO chopped
-CUCUMBER "chips"


-BIG'ol BROWN BUTTON CUPS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(YEAH,I REALLY ATE ALL OF THEM!! =DDD I'm such a MUSHRooM FREAK...!!!! hah!!)

This DiNNER was acsolutely insanely DELICIOUS....PERFECT for a HUNGRY TEENie hah =D ohh yeah I'm STiLL a TEENie =PPP

And of my other FAVOURITES......
PASTA in the RAWWWW!!!! =D

Salady box consisted of:

-fresh mixed greens
with GREEN SMOOTH DRESSiNG (apples+orange+spinach)
and the remaining part of the zucchini

-AVO chopped

and...PASTA DiSH...

-ZUCCHINI spiralized
+Brushetta herbs (sundried tomatoes+oregano+basil+onion+garlic)


+Brushetta herbs

with CHOPPED AVOCADO on top!!!!!

Sooo SiMPLE and SO GOOOOD!!! Comfort FooD,I swear!! Brings memories back....=DD!!

Okkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Soooo I think for today..that's all..unfortunately I need to practise a bit for my oral exam...=// well....

Hope you enjoyed reading todays post =)

I promise I'll be here SOON!!!!!! =D

STAY TUUNED,my dear Friends!!!!!!

Wish you all a perfect WEEKend !!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your time!!!!! =D

"See" ya..!!



curlytop said...


Your cute little dinner box is making my day! Too adorable for words. MUST find one.

Have a great Sunday darlin,

With Love,


Stef said...

Love your dinner boxes! ANd that mango dessert sounds reallllly good, I love mangoes! You're so creative, that falafel idea sounds really good too, I don't have a dehydrator but if I did I'd try it! I DID get your email with your address, I'll remember to send you mine asap! I'm going to mail out your package tomorrow for our swap :)

Good luck on your finals, but I know you'll do great! I KNOW you'll nail the English one because you're so fluent!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner boxes are the best. Your food in general is the best! I can't get over how delicious everything looks ALWAYS. Out of curiousity, what kind of blender do you use, is it a heavy duty one? You must be using it ALL the time!

Best of luck with your finals!

Anonymous said...

wow! that all looks so yummy! I've always wondered, how does it all fit in your stomach? lol. and also, like lighterportions said, what blender do you use? I made your apple-carrot salad "mash" the other day but it turned out too chunky.

i hope you're doing well!

xo Kaila

Tinah said...

You have the best looking food ever!!!!

your fan : )

Ann said...

Girl I have been reading your symptoms and I suggest to not go overboard and feel what your body likes and dislikes. With the heavy pain symptoms your body is trying to say to you: stop eating this, this is not supportive.
I have made the same mistake to give to much power to my mind and having it convince me that only raw was healthy, while the state of my body declined.
I started listening to my body again and am much better off now.

I suggest to start eating some steamed foods, especially brocolli and aspargus and stuff like that you shouldnt eat raw. It will most likely make your stomach and intestines very upset.

Some people may go good all raw, but not all people because every body has different needs. Not 2 digestive systems are the same.

So start listening to your body, dont give your mind power over it.

オテモヤン said...