Sunday, March 1, 2009

LoVE is ALL AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!!! =DD Right?!

Hey hey HEYooo!!! =DD

Ok,so ...another delay in posting!!!! But just because of the damn school stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =O
Making me so drained and stressed. I'm worried bout everything,I'm getting a bit anxious.. it's definitely NOT GOOD...I really need YOUR SUPPORT,my dear Friends..??? =_(

Please,forgive me the constant complaining..but I know you can understand me ...!!

Maybe on the more positive note...I've promised a (BELATED) VALENTINE'S DAY POST =)) it comes............!!

Enjoy....the colors are LOVE-ly haha =PP

Starting with the SWEET STUFF....=P


With Valentine's FLOWER on the side and....freshly made OJ = ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!! =DD Simply 2 x ORANGES plus some water blended on high until!!! =DD

The pudding was made with...everything hah!!

-AVOCADO (1/2)
-ORANGES (2xsmall)
-apples (2x)
+a bit of water

And topped with chopped KiWiS (2x)

YUM...simple and SO TASTY =D

And,,,,,,,,,,,another PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DD I was VERY HUNGRY,you know..!! =D

It was the same pudding but with some nice ADD-INS..!! =D

-GOJI BERRIES (1/4 cup)

and KiWiS of course!!!!!!! =DDDD

Here..........a LOVELY DRINK....PERFECT for a chilly VALENTINES DAY =DD


I warmed it up a bit to bout 110 F and it was soo good....

Made with:

-BANANA (1x)

+ a bit of cinnamon and ginger

Delicioso!! Love FROTHY DRINKS.. =D



Decorated with some Valentine's FLOWERS....

Made with....

-some GREENS

ufff LOTS of ingredients!! =DD

It was supplied with ....


I've mentioned in some of my last posts... PURE HEAVEN!! =D JUST BANANAS and MACADAMIA NUTS blened till CREAMY!!!!!!!!!!! =D


and dusted with COCOA POWDER =D
(I tried a few butes OF COURSE haha =D)

What they told me..>?!! "You must LOVE US REALLY SOOO MUCH,Girl !!! It's SO SCRUMTIOUS !!" =D
A winner!!

And FINALLY...........!!!!!!! Just to end the VALENTINE'S POST with the LOVE-ly COLOR...!!!! PiNK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha =DDD


Ok,I have to admit...IT WAS HUMONGOUS!!!!!! But belive me,I ate EVERYTHING!!! I was SOOOOO HUNGRY this day!!!!!!!! HAha!! (Like everyday hah!)


What was there:


stuffed with:

-SPICY BEET SPREAD (RUSSIAN STYLE =)) -> beets + horseradish plus lemon juice LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

and AVOCADO chopped up!! =DD







UFFF...!!! I think that's ALL NOW!! Hah!! =DDDDDDDD

Let me tell was absolutely PERFECT!!! Sooo SATISFYING!!!!!!!!! =DDD Mmmmm!!

And with all the PiNK-y there...ahhh ahhh!!! LOVE-ly!! =P


Heart mushroom =))

Ok ok............and now.....yeah!! I HAVE TO go. =_( Back to my school work...BLEH!!! Papers for tomorrow...ahhhhhhhh I wanna escape....!! Well....=(

Just need to get in a POSITIVE MooD!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

Hope you're having a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDD

I wish you A LOVE-LY START in the NEW WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DD

Will be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROMISE!!!!!!!!!! =DD Do NOT FORGET ME PLS!!! =DD

"See" you!!



Sharon said...

Oh wow, love the recap! Everything looks delicious! And so colorful!!!

Paulina said...

Love it! That salad at the end looks so good! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

What lovely mushrooms you had.
I wish I had mushrooms...
Anywho... delicious looking everything else.
Have a great night!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best on your papers! sorry you have so much schoolwork.

But you have such yummy food to make up for it! :P Even those stuffed mushrooms, those look especially good!

ajchanter said...

Wishing you luuuuuck for your schoolwork!!!!!!!!
Hang in there!!!!!!!!!

VeggieGirl said...

Sooo lovely!!!

Good luck with the busyness, girl!!!

Lauren said...

How adorable are those mushrooms? Lovely eats. I hope your life gets a little less stressed soon! Stay positive!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Hey Agnesssssssssssss
Good to see you again my friend. Sorry to hear you are so busy with school but with all the super foods you eat you are going to be just fine so try not to worry and stress out. Sending you lots of calming hugs

Isle Dance said...

SO beautiful! LOVE it! :o)

Zach E said...

Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog... I'm so glad to have my first comment be from someone as friendly and enthusiastic as you. I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and I'm currently a freshman in high school. I've probably been delving into raw for about 1 1/2 years, and though I've never been 100% (and have only been vegan for about a year), I still just love the concept of raw foods as well as the people, such as yourself who support the raw food movement. Thanks again, and please keep in touch!

Bianca said...

Hang in there Agnes! School will be out before you know it! Your food is always so beautiful! I'm doing my raw food day tomorrow, so this is pretty inspirational.

Bunny Berry said...

Those are tasty looking raw treats!

And yes, I've been to Europe, but never to Poland. My husband and I spent 6 weeks in Europe during our honeymoon. We traveled from Sweden and Norway to France, Italy, and Corsica. We fell in love with Corsica, and stayed there for quite a while.

Do come over and join, we'd love to have you there!

Brooke said...

beautiful salads! wow and i love your raw love drink and mousse!

im sorry i didnt reply back with my email love! you can find me @

hope all is well! <3 you!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Hey Agnes! Your eats are so fascinating! You dine like a queen... :)

Stef said...

Hi Agnes!

YAY for vegans! You live in Poland? How cool! Thanks so much for your kind words and for being the first person to write on my blog!! I definitely agree that eating vegan is sooo helpful in being a happy healthy person! I'd love to email, my addy is

I'll send you a message soon, unless u beat me to it! Take care!

Squill said...

Your food looks so yummy! Those mushrooms are too cute, haha :D

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

School school school, it can be such a PAIN sometimes can't it?!

I seriously want and NEED to try pureeing up some avocado "pudding" style. I've never done it but it must make such CREAMY good drinks!

Since nearly all of your food seems to be in pureed form or at least pretty soft, do you ever find you crave some CRUNCH or CHEW to your meals, or are you just used to eating everything smooth now? I don't think I could do it, I'm addicted to having things to crunch and munch on!

DJ said...

I love your multicoloured valentines meal extravaganza! And that creamy drink looks so good!

Raw Goddess said...

Hi Agness,

Nice to hear from you! It's great to come and see your blog, you're fabulous! :) Is there a big raw community in Poland? I've never been there, but I've been to Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy - they are all beautiful countries!
Take care, hugs!

Kombuchachic said...

Yum! Everything looks soo good! Hang in there with the school, I know how tough it can be sometimes!


Joanna said...

hey agnes!!!! i'm so sorry we haven't talked in weeks. i've been crazy sick and busy and haven't wanted to sit in front of the computer screen.

all of your dishes look beautiful as usual. i love your mushrooms!!!
i will definitely try this orange juice of yours. i've been on a smoothie/juice kick for a few weeks.