Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BACK again!!!

My dear Friends!!!!!!!

You cannot imagine HOW I'VE BEEN MISSIN' YOU!!!!!!!! I'm soooo sorry for being a bad girl and not posting for such a looooooooong time,but you know how busy is the 'back to school' time after Christmas break..!! =//

But on the other hand,...GOOD WINTER BREAK is coming!!! It starts on Monday and will last for TWO WEEKS!!! I can't wait until then hah!! =DD

Well,well...and now I have to apologize again old computer is broken and I can't show you the photos from my CONCERT EXPERIENCE I attended before Christmas!! =( But I promise I'll do this ASAP!! =D Stay tuned. I think I'll show you the FooD section stuff...=D
Without other BLAH we go...!!!!!

I thought at first I'll provide you the lovely images from my CHOCOLATE CREATIONS... but here are only few pictures from them cause the rest is on my old comp =( But here they come....

And now....more from my PUDDING-y creations ............!!!!!! Hope you'll enjoy!!

It's one of my FAVOURITE MEAL lately hah =DD !! It's BiG,CREAMY,HEALTHY!! and DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!!

First creation...




-bananas (3x)


Soooo SiMPLE....and SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDD

With delicious additions...


-FLAX SEED ground


It was a DESSERT-like BREAKFAST =DD !!! Mmmmm,,,,,

Second one...





Simple,right..?? =D

With additions of......




-FIGS (BIG DRIED ONES ahhhh so festive!!)


It tasted delicious together =DD

And on the side...

-3 BiG MEDJOOL JUMBO DATES =DD Mmmmm....pralines...

Well,well....and now...... another YUMMY-licious meal I managed to enjoy.....


The bread patties/buns are made from :

-APRICOTS (dried)

And they are WONDERFUL and how perfect they taste with the savory stuff!!! OHH mmm!! =DD

Inside of the burgers I put :

-GUACAMOLE CREAM -> mashed AVOCADO+ dried onion+ nutritional yeast +a bit water


-sliced white button mushrooms =))

I devoured them with the addition of MUNG BEAN SPROUTS and some additional WHITE BUTTONS and TOMATOES =)) And I have to tell you it was a HUMONGOUS PORTION,belive me =D But I was SOOOOOO hungry !! =D

And this meal was absolutely YUMMY-licious =D Delicious and the flavors complited each other just perfect!!
Try try!!!

Well...........and here we can see another =D YUMMY DINNER MEAL of mine =DDD

WHITE BUTTONS stuffed with CAULI-SPICE-"RiCE" !!!!!!!!!! =DDD

What was there ...???


and the FILLING which was the main clue !! =D




-dried onion +other spices of choice

(and a bit water to get the right consistency =D )

Blend everything the get the consistency of RICE =D !! And voila!! =D

I added a bit of the MUSHROOM PESTO I like soo much =D

And I enjoyed them with my usual BIG SALAD BOX and the rest of the "RICE" =DDD

All in all....a WONDERFUL MEAL..!! And quick!!!!!! =D YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!! =DD

Yummy stuffed mushroom....=D porn haha... continue my MUSHROOM MEALS...I'm SUCH A MUSHROOM LOVER,YOU KNOW...!! =P is a great thing for the colder days =DD!!!!


How it was made...? ?




-onion +herbs +spices of choice

-water to get the soup-y consistency =DDDD

Blend and heat lightly =DDD WONDERFUL CREAMY-licious SOUP!!!!! =DD

I heated my soup a bit to bout 120 F and it was YUM!! =DDD

Ohh...and I had no time to find a bowl for it....=PP haha so I just poured it into my beloved dinner box =PPPP!! Worked like a charm!! =DD

And of USUAL BIG SALAD-y was there too =DDDD

Well, dear friends... I'm sorry to tell you that I have to stop for now..

But I'll be back FOR SURE!!!!!!!! =DDD

Just stay tuuuned!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you a perfect day and a wonderful time !!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy !!

"See'' you!!



VeggieGirl said...

Glad to see you back again!! :-) Great food, as always.

Hope you're doing well!!

Joanna said...

hey agnes!! i've missed you, my friend, and all of your amazing food pictures. the food porn is amazing this week. your chocolate came out so beautiful!! i wish i was there to try one.

i love the hamburger buns, too. they look yummy. i finished all the buckwheat groats. they are my FAVORITE cereal ever.

ajchanter said...

YAY!! Your back!!!!

How come your x-mas hold start next week? Mine are already over! :(

Yum yum food!!

Chat back! :D

Paulina said...

Welcome back! As always, your meals are such an inspiration! But I have a question: is the almond butter you use in your savory recipes sweetened or unsweetened?

Joanna said...

agnes, where have you been!??! i miss you, my friend.