Monday, December 1, 2008

Chocolat-y ...=D

Hey hey!!!!!!!!!

Here I am =)) And SADLY it will be VERY QUICK since I have lots of stuff to do...=_( Hope you'll read it nonetheless =)))

Well and MY NEWS for TODAY I mentioned yesterday.......... I GOT A WONDERFUL PACKAGE FROM DARIA (Skint Vegan) from Scotland!!!!!!!!! =D DARIA I LOVE YA for that!! =DDD You're great!!!!! Thx very much!! =DDD

Ok and now QUICKLY into the FOOD I enjoyed todaay =D

Here we go with BREAKFAST EATS.......!!



-quinoa flakes

-Nut Muesli


-agave + vanilla


and the HIGHLIGHT of the meal...........

my fav "RAW NOTTELLA CHOCOLATE SPREAD" !!!!!!!!!!!! While preparing my bowl the night before I melted the Nottella a bit ,took a HUUUUGE SPOONFUL of it and POURED OVER MY "OATMEAL"...!!!!!!

Then in the morning the melted NOTTELLA transformed into BIG DELISH CHOCOLATE CHUNKS!!!!!! =D

I LOVED IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Absolutely a PERFECTION for the morning!! INDULGENT and like a DESSERT!!!!!!! =D YUMMMM!!!!!!

Chocolate chunks ........MMMMMMMMmmm..


And on the side I had another CLEMENTINE and HEMP BAR =)) YummY!! It's just HEMP SEEDS,DATES,RAISINS and ALMONDS =DD

Then after a BUNCH of boring classes I WAS HUNGRY for LUNCH!!! =))

I had my GREEN PUDDING but today I also added LOTS of CAROB POWDER to it was YUMMY!!!!! Not SPINACH TASTE there of cuz!! =DDD

Topped it with Gala Apples and BUCKWHEAT GRANOLA =))) Great!!

And........I had such a CHOCOLATE CRAVING today!!!!!!! =) I guess it was the weather here hah, I wanted a WARM SWEET CACAO !!!!! =DD Sooo I warmed the water a bit and then added CASHEW BUTTER,NOTTELLA(1TBSP) ,COCOA POWDER,vanilla and gingerbread spice plus plenty of agave, put it into the blender...and there it was..!! PERFECT!!

All the yummy goodies satisfied my cravings in 100% !!!!!!!!!! =DD

Energy for classes of course!!!

But then again...........DINNER was MUCH needed!!!!!! =D

It was also SOO DELICIOUS =) !!

-greens (mixed)




-AVOCADO (1xsmall)

-Sweet CARROT SALAD-y (carrots+apples+portulak-a great way to include this healthy green!!)


SHIITAKE MUSHROOM CUPS slathered with MUSHROOM PESTO...!!!!!!! Absolutely DIVINE!! (I'm SUCH A MUSHROOM LOVER !! And a year ago I even did not like them!!hah!!)

Well....It was such a YUMMY DAY !! =D All the eats were just pure yummy-ness =)) And gave me plenty of energy =D

Ok soo I have to leave you now...=( I'll leave you with some interesting and kinda amazzzing photos....I made them today in the early morning =)) .....

Hope you're gonna have a GREAT DAY TOMORROW!!!! =D

I wish you luck,love and lots of FUN!! =))

I'll be back ! !=D

"See" you!!



nourishing mornings said...

i love nutella too, its the best. interesting great eats as always love.

KombuchaCHIC said...

Oooh yummy! I'm especially drooling over the dinner. :)

River said...

Mushroom lover! Mushroom lover! :P

Everything looks delicious AND healthful! I LOVE clementines!!

Your nature pictures are gorgeous!!

Joanna said...

i love your crazy meals, agnes!!! haha i would have no clue what they were if you didn't tell me. the hemp bars look so yummy.

i love a pretty nature pic in the morning. it's pretty dark here right now... and very cloudy!!

have a good day at home doing schoolwork!!! blahh!! finals will be over soon!

Lauren said...

Great eats! And beautiful nature pictures! :)

Michelle J said...

Very lovely Agness....

VeggieGirl said...

Love the oatmeal creation!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Love the post title!

P.S. I gave a shout-out to you in one of my older posts :o)

Happy day, girl!

Brooke said...

yum, i love your breakfast oatmeal! and your ''chocolate drink'' is so creative! it sounds delicious :)

i hope you have a great day!

bakedbambi said...

Everything looks awesome. Inspiring meal pictures!

jessica said...

beautiful food pics. love the colors of it all.
enjoy. great energy you have.

Lindsay I-F said...

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